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A few classic mixes in David’s usual punky electro tech style. Some for a bar and some for a big club - always different and always groovy.

David Philips

Always eclectic and the epitome of Balearic. Music for the beach, from the beach with no stone left unturned.

Jon Sa Trinxa

Lots more on it’s way to the archive, including the full set of Twisted Wax. Here’s number 5 and a few more choice picks to get you started…


Andy Baxter

This is where we keep all the classic mixes from our beeZwax artists. If you like the latest mixes from our artist pages then come here to find more mixes from your favourite DJs.


We will do our best to keep all of the links up to date - please let us know if you have any trouble downloading a mix or you would like to try and get hold of something that is not listed. We are always looking for people to review our mixes so please drop us a line if you would like to write a few sentences about one or more of our mixes after you have listened to them. If you are having trouble choosing which mixes to download then please email us with your musical preferences and we will do our best to make some suggestions as several of our artists play a wide range of genres and styles.


n.b. we currently use MegaUpload to host mixes as their links do not expire and a free download is almost always available.

As with all hosting sites, please ignore the advertising on the download page - it is not related to the mixes.

Plenty of mixes here covering a whole load of genres.


Hypnotic Lucidity - Deep Tech House, Sunshine - Shameless Multi-Genre Funk, Versability - Classic House & Breaks, Millennium Vibe - Vocal House classics from 2000,

Simplicated - Sunset Minimal Techno.




Here’s a few funky mixes from 2007 & 2008. Watch this space for more music from the resident of the Pacha Funky Room, KM5 and Guarana.

Graham Sahara

More deep and twisted sounds from Mr.Hedberg…

Tomas Hedberg