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Funktion One System 4

beeZwax have a professional sound reinforcement and intelligent lighting  hire division in the UK. We can supply Funktion One sound systems from 1K up to 15K which will easily cater for events with up to 1000 person capacity.  Full intelligent lighting can be supplied and programmed to your individual requirements using equipment from Martin and Pulsar.

All of our packages include delivery, installation/set-up and full on-site support for the duration of the event including light jockey and sound engineer. See below for some of our current systems and click here to e-mail us for a bespoke quotation. Multiple systems can be combined and additional Funktion One Resolution 2 speakers can be supplied for in-fill, back-fill and DJ monitoring applications.

Funktion One are widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of professional loudspeakers for clubs, concerts and festivals. They are world renowned for their sound quality & performance with installations at many top events and venues including Homelands, Space (Ibiza), Heaven andThe Egg.



This is currently the largest system that we hold in stock but we can easily arrange up to 50K (and beyond) of Funktion One sound reinforcement using our extensive range of industry contacts.

It consists of  four Resolution 4 (top/mid/mid-bass) and six F218 (bass). It is suitable for a large indoor or outdoor arena with capacity of up to 1000 people. Previous promoters that have used this system include Hed Kandi, Slinky and Helter Skelter.

Funktion One System 2

This system is more than capable of filling most medium sized venues and is our most popular solution.

It consists of  four Resolution 2 (top/mid/mid-bass) and four F218 (bass). It is suitable for an indoor or outdoor arena with capacity of up to 500 people. Previous promoters that have used this system include Ultra Vegas, Apply the Breaks and Raindance.

Funktion One System 1

Although this is our smallest system it still has the legendary Funktion One sound quality and is capable enough for most bars and small venues, being especially suitable for birthdays and weddings. It consists of  two Resolution 2 (full range including stands) and F218 bass bins can easily be added for additional bass reinforcement. It is suitable for an area with capacity of up to 200 people.

We have the largest sound system hire stock available for rental in Ibiza and we have a wide range of affordable PA sound systems and DJ equipment to suit most bars, villas and small venues. We have been supplying these systems for a number of years and typical music rental applications include Ibiza weddings, parties and club nights. If your venue has a sound system  currently installed then we can supply additional music equipment to reinforce sound, improve soundsystem quality and add monitoring for DJ-ing and live music applications. A full range of DJ equipment is available to suit all styles of  Vinyl, CD & Digital DJ’s, with all of the latest equipment from Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Vestax, Rane, Mackie, Native Instruments and more.

Recent customers include Space, Azuli, Carl Cox & Friends, We Love Sundays & Manumission; for artists including James Lavelle, Chemical Brothers & Fatboy Slim. We are also the only people in Ibiza renting Plasma screens, Rane Video SL, Pioneer DVJ s and professional Gobo Projectors for presentations, club nights and DVJ sets. Please click here to e-mail us for further information or for a bespoke quote for your event or venue.


Brian’s great, always helpful above and beyond the call of duty, I can call him up with the threat of a whipping and he still has a smile on his face when he finds out I’ve done something stupid! That’s the sort of service you need when under pressure” - Mark Broadbent, We Love.


"I always call beezwax when I'm having trouble with an artist rider. They have always got what we need; often at very short notice.
Brian is always on time and has even saved the night on a couple of occasions - yes Fatboy Slim I mean you" - Griff, Manumission.


beeZwax are the wedding specialists in Ibiza and we provide sound and lighting for all of the major planners and wedding venues on the island.

We have been involved with over one hundred weddings and are well aware of the potential complications and pitfalls that can occur. Our large stock and our experience ensures that we are prepared for any eventuality on the day and we are happy to offer advice to you and your planners to ensure that you have total peace of mind. Please contact us if you need any help selecting equipment and DJs for a wedding or other special occasion and we will be happy to help.


“I have worked with Beezwax for several years now and have always found Brian hard working, reliable and professional. He is always willing and happy to give that little extra which is so important when dealing with a wedding couple and the biggest day of their lives. Furthermore, he always seems to have a back-up solution ready when unforeseen circumstances occur and that is very important to me" - Gemma Bowman, Ibiza Wedding


Sound System 3

This is our most popular system and it is suitable for medium sized venues, weddings & boat parties. It uses 4x Bose 802 (full range including controller &  stands) with 2kw of Peavey or QSC amplification. Bass bins can easily be added for additional bass reinforcement. It is suitable for an area with capacity of up to 150 people and previous venues have included Cap des Falco, Atzaro, Amalur, Princesa Del Mar, Pura Vida, Amante, El Chiringuito & Petunia.

Sound System 2

This system is suitable for small rooms and is also excellent for DJ monitoring or back fill. It uses 2x JBL EoN15g2 or Mackie SRM450v2 Active Powered Speakers. Both systems are 800w but the Mackie has less bass, with 12” drivers as opposed to the 15” drivers in the JBL.  Bass bins can easily be added for additional bass reinforcement. It is not recommended for weddings unless the budget is very tight as the sound quality and power output is inferior to our usual systems.

DJ Equipment

We have the broadest range of DJ equipment available in Ibiza and we regularly supply equipment to Space, Bar M and Manumission when they have unusual requests in DJ riders.

All of the systems below are available withTechnics SL1210M5G, SL1210mk2, SL1210Mk5, Pioneer CDJ2000, Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3  or Pioneer CDJ 800Mk2 and a choice of mixers from Allen & Heath, Rane, Vestax and Pioneer. We also have a wide range of additional DJ equipment including FX Units from Pioneer, Alesis & Red Sounds, Headphones from Sennheiser, MD & CD recorders from Pioneer, Sony & Tascam, MP3 mixing from Rane Serato Scratch Live; and finally Laptop recording facilities from Apple Mac and Edirol. Please click here to make an enquiry.  We also sell new and used DJ equipment; plus accessories like cartridges, styli, needles ( Stanton, Ortofon, Shure ), headphones & cables ( Sennheiser ) and replacement vinyl ( Serato )

Further Services

beeZwax offer a whole range of professional services including cabling, equipment repair (especially Technics 1210’s), DJ tuition, and sound system testing/assessment.

Please email here for further details and we will do our best to assist or advise.

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CD Demo Recording & Duplication

beeZwax have a DJ studio in Ibiza which can be hired by the hour. You can use Technics decks or Pioneer CD players and choose from a whole range of Pioneer, Allen&Heath & Vestax mixers (including Xone:92, DJM800 & DJM600) We also have effects units including Pioneer EFX500, RedSound SoundbyteXL & Alesis Air FX. You can record directly on to CD or onto MD or MAC first for track mark editing if you prefer. Once finished we can duplicate your demo CD at a rate of 80 copies per hour.

DJ Tuition

beeZwax offer several courses of DJ lessons from beginner to advanced. During the course of your time in Ibiza you can learn basic mixing with vinyl or CDs and then master more advanced techniques including scratching, beat juggling, DJ effects and more. We can even rent you equipment for the course of your stay and there is also the option to continue your training in the UK right up to DMC preparation level with our partners Eclectic Breaks.
beeZwax have all of the latest equipment including Allen & Heath Xone:92, Pioneer DJM800, EFX1000 & EFX500, Red Sounds Soundbite XL, Rane TTM57SL & Serato Scratch Live so there is something new for every DJ to learn or try.
Our DJ studio is located in the beautiful countryside of Ibiza so you will get an inspirational view while you learn or you can even choose a package of equipment hire & DJ lessons at your own villa or apartment - fantastic fun if your holiday party includes a few budding DJs.......


Sound System 5

This is the largest of our affordable PA speaker systems. It is suitable for large rooms or outdoor use and has excellent sound quality & dispersion as well as completely separate control of the bass. It uses 2x Martin Audio F12 (full range including controller &  stands) plus 2x Martin Audio Bass bins for additional bass reinforcement with 5Kw of QSC Amplification. It is suitable for an area with capacity of up to 250 people.

Sound System 4

This system is very popular for weddings and outdoor parties. It uses 2x Martin Audio F15 Full Range speakers with 2Kw of QSC Amplification. It is suitable for an area with capacity of up to 200 people and can also be supplied with one or more Martin Audio S15 subs for extra bass.

Sound System 1

This system is popular with holidaymakers for mini pool parties, budget DJ monitoring and small boat parties. It uses 2x 15” full range speakers and a 600w PA amp. It is suitable for an area with capacity of up to 50 people and can be hooked up to an iPod or DJ set up.

Budget Systems

We have a whole range of budget systems available from as little as €30 per day. Most of the speakers are JBL or Peavey and the amplification is from Ecler, Peavey, Soundcraft and C-Audio.

Please get in touch with your requirements and we will suggest a system for your Apartment, Villa, or Boat.