Leigh Lerwill is definitely a DJ who loves his wax. He has been DJ-ing for as long as he can  remember and has a record collection that would put almost all other DJ’s to shame. It covers most styles of music but he is mostly known as a US Garage and Quality House DJ although his classic Disco & Rare Groove sets are legendary and he has been known to play all sorts of House music in his sets. He is currently working for Crash Records in Leeds and has residencies in the city at The Living Room and Club Asylum at Mint. Past work includes:-

Paradise Club (resident), Rocket, Aquarium, Ministry of Sound and  Electric Chair.

Leigh Lerwill

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D'zine. A man supportive and by his own admission very defensive of Drum & Bass as a sound and a scene. His early years were spent raving at illegal events such as Sunrise, Energy & Biology.  He has now been DJ-ing for over 15 years and his first flyer of real interest was a residency at Batchwood with guests on rotation including Grooverider & Bukem. Most of the early 90's were spent perfecting his DJ skills playing on local pirate stations and at local clubs and bars combined with clubbing and raving all over the UK. He then went onto promote his own nights in his home town of St.Albans with guests including Swan-e & Tayla. During the late 90's he managed his local record shop to feed his obsession with collecting vinyl and continued to push and promote his genre of choice. He became part of Future Thinkin events where he is still a resident and now works at SRD distribution handling nearly all the major Drum & Bass sales accounts throughout the UK Clubs he's played at over the years have included Labyrynth, Paradise Club, Haven Stables, Leisure Lounge, The Rex, Scala, Ministry of Sound, Rhythm Station, Bagleys, Hastings Pier, The Colosseum and The Rhythm Factory. He has also DJ-ed for One Nation, Best of British and Telepathy. After spending over half his life hunting for and collecting vinyl to the point of obsession in his case "music is most definitely life"...........

The mixes on the left are D’Zine’s most recent offerings and you can find plenty more from him in the beeZwax mix archive

Richie is our resident Dave Doubledecks. He grew up on 80's Soul and early HipHop but his parents' taste in 60's and 70's classics had a lasting impression and he is now a true party DJ with a very diverse (and often cheesy) record collection - you request it and he'll play it. A veteran of the wedding circuit he takes all the jobs no-one else can (or will!) do and is available for birthdays, weddings and barmitzfa's the whole year round - all occasions and tastes can be catered for.

Despite what you might think, Richie has great taste in music and is still seriously into dance music, especially House, HipHop and Drum and Bass so his record collection still contains plenty of credible tunes for the more discerning among us. He has DJ-ed in St.Albans Town Hall, The Adelaide and a multitude of private venues all over the country.

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Mr.Bristow has been DJ-ing for over 9yrs. He originally started out playing breakbeat but soon became fascinated with turntablism and dedicated all his spare time to scratching while studying for a Bsc Hons degree in music Technology. He even wrote his dissertation on the subject and his efforts soon started to yield results, when he twice reached the finals of the Daily Telegraph Juice DJ competition. He is currently the head DJ tutor for Point Blank London and the DJ of choice for the band “1i bear” which includes members of the Brand New Heavies and DubConspiracy.

Mr.Bristow hooked up with b! back in 2003 and they were DJ-ing together for 3 years with their residency at Casa

He also DJ’s on his own playing mostly HipHop and R&B, and his past gigs include:-

Backdrop, The Bomb (scratch competition winner), Cargo, The Aquarium, Medicine Bar, Marquee, ULU.

Mr. Bristow

Bobby has been DJ-ing for over 15yrs and specialises in Electro House, Tech House, Progressive House, Pumping House, Funky House, US Garage, and House music in general -  it all depends on the gig or what ever he pulls out of the bag.

Bobby has recently DJ-ed for Egg Club (Abstract) Heaven (Bedrock) Turnmills Def Mix 20th Anniversy Part 2 and his CV includes sets at: Freedom @ Bagleys, Manumission Bar M(Ibiza), The Gardening Club (resident), Miss Moneypenny’s Tour, Lakota(Bristol), Cyber Kitten, Wild Child, Thompson’s, Cafe Luux(Salamanca).
Bobby will be DJing in Spain in Salamanca in the next few months so if you’re around please pay him a visit. Bobby has also joined the Label Redrecordings as one of their resident DJs. Bobby produces music, you may have heard of his track Juicy Love if you haven’t already then please click the link to the left to download it…...

Bobby Love


Roo has been DJing for over 8 years now, guesting at clubs such as Pacha, Ministry Of Sound, The Cross, Renaissance, Dusted, Eden (Ibiza), Amnesia (Ibiza), Godskitchen, Hidden, Miss Moneypenny’s, Rise (Cyprus) and Blend to name but a few.  With future bookings coming in thick and fast already including dates in Poland and a seven hour set for Renaissance @ the Cross, 2005 looks set to be busier than ever for Roo.


His sound; for want of a better description is simply good old fashioned House music!  Basically if it’s got soul and funk then it’s in the box, whether it be vocal, tribal, soulful, latin or classics, the main aim for Roo is to lift the crowd as high as they can go; his down to earth attitude and genuine love of the music shines through in every set he plays.


Production wise Roo has put out 8 tracks under the Hustle Bros/Groove Hustlers alias with partners in crime Ben Logan and Gareth Cox. This year will see Roo concentrating more on solo projects and collaborations with other DJ’s including a remix for C2 Records....so watch this space!