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beeZwax Money Exchange


Cash machines are generally the most popular way to access your money abroad these days but you can often get a better rate (with no charges) when you exchange cash on the Island. You also have the advantage of knowing exactly how much you are spending.

beeZwax offer some of the most competitive rates on the island for changing Sterling or Dollars to Euros and vice versa. We can always give you a better rate than you would achieve anywhere in the UK so you don’t need to worry about exchanging money before you come, or changing it back when you return home (if you’re lucky enough to not spend it all!). You can either transfer £ Sterling into our UK account and have your € Euros waiting for you when you arrive in Playa den Bossa or simply bring cash to Ibiza and we will deliver your Euros when you arrive.

beeZwax Information


We aim to please and will always to our best to help you out so please ask us if you need help with anything at all:- accommodation, club info, promoter info, job-hunting, medical care, transport or anything else you want to throw at us! All we ask is that you treat the Island with respect and do your best to help your fellow holidaymakers or workers when you can. If you want to ask questions before you arrive in Playa den Bossa then please contact us by email here or on +34 66 0000 833


If you are considering moving to Ibiza then we will be happy to share our experiences with you. We have dealt with most situations including the journey here, transporting a pet, driving & insurance in Spain, buying a property in Ibiza, establishing a business in Ibiza, dealing with the authorities etc. so just give us a shout if you need a hand…….

beeZwax accommodation


We have access to several apartments on the East cost, some with a special rate to parties of 2 people so please click here for more info and click here to get in touch with your requirements.

We can also arrange very competitive rates for villa rentals and hotel bookings around the Island so just ask.

beeZwax DJ & Promoter services


beeZwax have professional duplication services for DJs and many respected artists on the island use us to copy their demo CDs. You can have 100 copies in just over one hour and all you need to do is give us a demo on CD or as a digital music file.

We have sound systems, lighting and artists available to suit all occasions and budgets if you are planning a party in a bar, villa or anywhere else. We can also arrange venue hire and studio time for DJ use or music production so please contact us if you require any more info. Many promoters utilise our services to save them time and money before they come to Ibiza - we can help you find co-promoters, arrange events, hire staff and can even offer a full concierge service for important artists and VIP’s.

Finally we carry many DJ products in stock including record bags, Stanton/Ortofon/Shure styli, Sennheiser headphones/spares and a range of mixers too.

+34 66 0000 833

Please click here for the rest of our website

Please click here for the rest of our website

beeZwax Tickets


beeZwax are official outlets for all of the clubs and sell tickets for just about every event on the island. We will match any genuine price so you can be confident of the best deal and we also give a whole range of free guest list to our regulars. All of our tickets are genuine and unlike bars you will not be under pressure to buy drinks or anything else in order to get the best price. Also, you can reserve tickets for just €5 per ticket and have them delivered on the day - this will guarantee you a ticket for the event and if you do not collect the ticket for whatever reason then you will only lose €5; unlike an e-ticket purchased online or ticket purchased elsewhere where you would lose the full amount.

We usually have a limited number of passes and guest list places for certain events and we reserve these for our best ticket customers so please get in touch before you come and we will do you a great deal on tickets for your entire holiday.

beeZwax events


We have worked on many events including weddings, private parties, boat parties, hen parties, stag parties, corporate events - the list is endless! Please click here to send us details of your event and we will put one of our planners in touch to discuss your requirements.